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Short term medical insurance, also called temporary health insurance or term health insurance, can provide a temporary solution to help fill gaps in coverage. Consider short term plans if you’re:

  • Between jobs

  • Waiting for other coverage to begin

  • Waiting to be eligible for Medicare coverage

  • Without health insurance, outside of Open Enrollment

Short Term plans are available at any time during the year. 

The cost of temporary plan is usually lower than the cost of a permanent health insurance. Also, most temporary plans offer very broad provider networks, better than those found in permanent insurance plans. 

Short term plans don't have all the benefits of the permanent plans, yet they are a great option for people who want to have protection against major healthcare costs and want to have access to most medical providers. 

Our agency offers short term plans from the following companies: United Healthcare, AllState and Pivot Health.

Please call our agency for a free quote 708 669 7222



Frequently asked questions about Short Term insurance:

How long can I get coverage?

Term lengths vary by state. In Illinois, the maximum term length is 180 days but in some other states you can apply for up to 360 days of coverage. 

Can I renew this type of health insurance coverage?

If you need coverage for longer, you may be able to apply for another Short Term insurance plan. However, for any subsequent plan, whatever you received treatment for under a preceding plan will be considered a preexisting condition.

Does Short Term health insurance provide coverage for preexisting conditions?

No. In most cases Short Term insurance plans do not cover preexisting conditions, which depending on your state’s definition would mean something you received diagnosis or treatment for within the last 1 or 2 years. If you are in this situation, you may want to explore other options or see if you can extend your current insurance plan.

How quickly can I get coverage?

The earliest a Short Term health insurance plan can take effect is the day after your application is received. You may also choose a later effective date based on your individual needs.

Do Short Term plans have good provider networks?

Temporary plans usually have broad networks of healthcare providers and are accepted at many of the top hospitals and cancer centers in the United States.

Do these plans have any other restrictions or exclusions?

Yes. Temporary plans do not cover maternity, mental illness and often have limited prescriptions drugs coverage. There could be other restrictions depending on your plan so please ask your insurance agent about it. 

Can I get a tax subsidy to help pay for my temporary health insurance?

No. Short Term plans do not qualify for tax subsidies under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Generally speaking, temporary health insurance costs less than ACA health plans, so the option may still make sense for your situation.

Is Short Term medical insurance limited to annual enrollment periods?

No. Short Term insurance plans have no such restrictions and are available year-round. 


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